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JavaScript User Group in Norfolk, VA

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Unofficial US (east) mirror for Npm

This is an unofficial, but pretty good US (east) mirror for npm; this service is sponsored and maintained by Norfolk.js

Modus Operandi

We continuously replicate the official npmjs database. It is large (>200GB) so updates to public npm modules may take some minutes to show up in our registry.

The public database is read-only, so do not try to publish to it. In the event of failure to resolve a module, the server will failover to the official npm service. This service is SSL-secured and monitored.

Using this service:

Option 1: Add this registry to your .npmrc. e.g. registry =

Option 2: Set the registry config via npm: npm config set registry=

Option 3: Add it as a command-line argument: npm install module --registry