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JavaScript User Group in Norfolk, VA

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Sharpen Your Saw Follow-up

Here's a summary of the topics covered by the Monday Norfolk.js meetup:

Steve Hackbarth presented Sharpen your Saw, discussing problem-solving using Javascript and other useful utilities. Participants were encouraged to bring laptops to participate in code exercises.

  • Participants could use
  • Some of the utilities used were underscore.js and mocha.js tests.
  • Two Exercises Discussed

  • Write a function that determines if a word is a left hand word. A left hand word is delimited by the divide between 'y h n' on the keyboard.
  • Write a function that determines the longest word creatable with just left handed letters.
  • The following video was shot using Google Glass; it is cut up into 3 primary segments

    -Problem and Solution Explainations-

    Link to the Gists

    -Left handed Words Validator- -Longest Left Hand Word Generator-

    First Problem

    Second Exercise

    Be sure to join us Next Month for Beer.js