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Motorized Sumobot

Norfolk.js motorized version of Makenai's Sumobot-jr for NodeBots Day!

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🚗 Motorized Sumobot 🚙

This is the Norfolk.js motorized version of Pawel's Sumobot-jr design that we put together for NodeBots Day. The main change was to the laser-cut side pieces to support gear motors (inspired by Markus's sumobot) and the laser-cut wheels have been replaced by rubber wheels. To make this beginner-friendly, we use a motor shield for wiring the motors to the arduino. However, the bot chassis design can support other motor drivers and wiring strategies.

Want to make your own motorized sumobot? Here is the parts list.

We also have printable instructions and an instructional video! (thanks Trisha and Paul)

Instructional Video

Getting Started

Install Dependencies

If you're using Windows, you'll also need to install the Arduino IDE

  git clone
  cd motorized-sumobot
  npm i

Controlling Your Bot

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